When it comes to booking vacations, weekends are most people’s go-to. Work subsides, you have some time to yourself, and taking a getaway seems like the perfect thing to do.

At the Weathervane Inn, we love our weekend guests. We welcome folks from Grand Rapids, Holland and all over Michigan and the Midwest. It’s great to see their enjoyment as they appreciate the sites and take in the many special events that take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in White Lake.

But we also know that throughout the week, our beautiful  lakeshore is still here, restaurants and stores are still open, and there are still special events going on.

We know that everyone can’t book getaways midweek. But if you do happen to have the luxury of getting away whenever you choose or if you get the chance to pick your days off, here are 8 reasons why booking your stay midweek could make your vacation that much better!


Why Book During the Week?

#1 – Most other people haven’t gotten the memo yet.

Think about it. You’re vacationing during the week. Where will everyone else be? Waiting for their weekend vacations of course! Take advantage of this novel idea and profit from less traffic on your drive, a more relaxed hotel experience and smaller crowds wherever you go. Instead of antiquing amongst throngs of other out-of-towners, you’ll be one of just a few in the stores. Instead of craning your neck at the back of a crowded music venue, you’ll enjoy a more intimate experience with less people.


# 2 – Yep, events still go on during the week—and they’re often less expensive.

A worry among many travelers is that booking getaways during the week will mean there’ll be nothing to do. In fact, many events take place in our area during the week. Concerts, plays, musical performances and more are easy to find, and naturally, these equally good weekday events are less heavily attended.

This in turn means that a lot of venues lower their ticket prices during the week. Combine that with shorter waiting lines and less people overall and you have a much more comfortable experience.


# 3 – Less crowds at the beach.

Everyone loves a relaxing day at the beach, but when there’s barely enough room to spread out your towel, beach day can be more of a chore than a joy.

Now look, we’re not trying to knock weekend beach days (Who would!?), but we are saying that if crowds aren’t your thing, hitting the beach midweek means it’ll a) Be easier to find a parking spot nearby and b) Actually be possible to arrive after 9am and still manage to get a spot near the water!


#4 – Other nature and recreation hotspots will be less crowded.

Beaches will be less crowded but so will parks and recreation trails. For example, the Hart-Montague Recreation Trail has a trail head near the front door of our lakefront inn. No matter the season, on the weekends, that trail is much busier with bikers, walkers, runners and (in the winter) snowmobilers than it is during the week. Naturally, enjoying the out-of-doors with others is a pleasure! But if you’re looking for an experience that feels a little more solitary, try visiting parks and trails midweek.

In addition, take it to heart that no matter where you head out to Lake Michigan, on the weekends, cars will inevitably be lined up on the side of the road leading to the waterfront. On the other hand, if you decide to take your after-dinner ice cream cones to a remote beach access or lookout point on, say, a Wednesday night, you’ll likely have an easier time parking. Plus, watching the sunset with your sweetheart is going to be much more romantic when you almost have the site to yourselves.


#5 – Restaurants are slower during the week—which means they often have deals.

On the weekends, getting into a popular restaurant can be a challenge. You may need to have booked a reservation in advance, or you’ll risk waiting 30 minutes or more for a table.

During the week, restaurants just aren’t as crowded. Generally, you’ll be able to be seated right away, and you can have a fine dining experience in a more serene atmosphere. Additionally, you might even benefit from midweek restaurant deals.


#6 – Shorter lines everywhere.

You already know you likely won’t need dinner reservations to get into a great restaurant midweek. Well, other places will have shorter lines as well. Theme parks, farmer’s markets, movie theaters and stores and boutiques aren’t quite so busy as they are on the weekends. Everywhere you go, you’ll enjoy shorter wait times and a more relaxed atmosphere.


#7 – Some destinations have weekday deals.

Just as many performance venues and restaurants have midweek deals, other destinations do as well. For example, check out prices for theme parks and recreational equipment rental locations and you’ll notice that these locations are trying to bump their midweek revenues with specials and coupons that are only good during the week. Sometimes, their baseline prices will simply be cheaper overall Monday – Friday.


#8 ­­– Events intended for locals are often held on weekdays.

Finally, if you’re interested in more than just what the tourist brochures recommend in the area, there are always fun events taking place during the week that are typically targeted toward locals. Of course, anyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

Consider Trivia Night on Monday evenings at The Book Nook and Java Shop, for example. Pub 111 also has a Thursday night Team Trivia event, and Fetch Brewing Company has a running group (for both beginners and seasoned runners) every Monday evening.


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